Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Moving My Blog??

Well, I guess I wasn't as ready to start moving my blog as I anticipated five months ago at the beginning of the new year. I've had so many irons in my fire and let the blog go while adding yet another "iron".

However, I am gradually beginning to reduce some of the irons that are too time consuming and produce too little that don't make them worthwhile in my book. Over the last several years, I signed up for lots & lots of different programs in hopes of making a nice little side income online, but soon discovered that I was having to spend way too much time online and wasn't really making very much for my efforts. I am definitely an Internet junkie, but I still want to be able to spend time away from my electronics while still making a decent income!! I'm hoping that my newest "iron" will do just that.

I've just started with this new program, so I'm not going to divulge details just yet. So far, I'm loving what I'm doing, so please stay tuned to find out more!!

Have a happy day!!

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