Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tricks of the Trade

One little free online tool that I have found to be so helpful in my tinkering with affiliate marketing is a URL shortener which allows you to shorten, share and track your referral links. Thanks to a couple of my affiliate friends, I've been using bitly to do this. When posting your affiliate (referral) links in various places, this is a great tool to help you know where your traffic is coming from so that you can concentrate your advertising efforts on those places, and it also shows what countries the clicks are coming from.

To open a free account at bitly go here.

Another nice, and FREE, application to have is TeamViewer (thanks oldbuddy for this one!). Some online programs require that you do your daily routine from your home computer and Internet connection (IP address), which makes it difficult to take care of your daily routine if you are out of town. If you happen to own a desktop computer and a laptop (or 2 laptops), then by having TeamViewer installed on each computer, you can remotely access your home computer via your laptop if you are away from home.

You can download and install TeamViewer here.

Have a Happy Day!

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