Monday, December 13, 2010

Adding Income to Your Financial Situation

These days it seems all we ever hear about is the economy and how bad it is. Along with politics, the economy seems to dominate many conversations amongst the American people. We hear most politicians saying it's getting better, yet many Americans have a differing view, especially if they have lost a job or are suffering financially.

In light of this and my own financial circumstances, I decided to start researching ways that I could make a few extra dollars using the power of the Internet. So far, I've come across several sites where I could make some extra income without spending any of my own money. Mind you, they are not going to make you rich overnight and they are not any of those "get rich quick" schemes you hear about so often (if they were, I wouldn't be doing them!), but they are definitely NOT scams and are very legitimate.

Two of these sites I've been using are FusionCash and InboxDollars, which are commonly referred to as GPT, or "Get Paid to" sites, where you get paid to click on email ads, take surveys, watch short videos, and complete offers. So far, FusionCash is the best one I have found and they even pay you to post in their forum.

If you have any interest in checking these out for yourself, you can access them with the following links, or feel free to contact me and I'll direct you there!

Click here to access FusionCash
Click here to access InboxDollars

Have a happy day!!  :)

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  1. Good idea posting on the Fusioncash Forum that we can find you on Google.